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The basic esoteric principle says: energy follows attention. What we pay attention to, materializes. So if this world is a „set of potentials“ from which the ones switched on are „material“, so our attention is the thing that turns them “on“ or „off“.

For me, this is one of the rules that can be found in all esoteric approaches. You strengthen what you pay attention to. This is true for healing and for magick. Therefore, it is absolutely essential with magick that your concentration be not distracted. But it is equally important for healing, too:

We must realize that we do not live in the same world other people perceive. Our own world is shaped by our own feelings and thoughts, our memories, experiences, desires, attitudes and values we hold sacred. Therefore, today if we do not feel well in this world and are sick, we need to change something about these things and create a new reality where we shall heal. And therefore if true that for every disease there is some negative feeling as its cause and that what we strengthen what we pay attention to, then it means that removing the original negative feeling does not do the job until we replace it with something positive. In this way, instead of repeating our negative thought pattern (=thinking about the disease) we start to concentrate on something positive – and heal.

From an article on Eprakone.


Law of Resonance : energy follows attention

Excerpt from Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks:

“Your vibrational Universe has the Law of Attraction at its basis. That means that your Universe is about inclusion. When you give your attention to something that you desire and you say yes to it, you are including it in your vibration. But when you look at something you do not want and say no to it, you are including it in your vibration. When you give no attention to it, you do not include it, but you cannot exclude anything that you are giving your attention to, because your attention to it includes it in your vibration, every time, without exception.”

Does that make sense? If you do not want to experience something, you must not pay attention to it.


You’ll find what you’re looking for

„If you concentrate on what is terrible, you miss all that is amazing.“

One of the impacts of the principle that energy follows attention is our selective perception, or „you get to see what you are looking for” (from my novel Free Fall):

„And now, with this insight, if you went back to the situation, what would you do?“

„I would ask him to go with me to the CEO so that we could ask about priorities.”

„Exactly! And why didn’t you do that during the conversation you had with the Financial Manager?“

„Because I got mad,“ I admitted, embarrassed.

„And why did you get upset?“

„Because he was making his allusions again!“

Noro laughed. “You use the word ‚again‘. So you entered the situation with the expectation that he would produce a certain sort of behavior. That he would take a jab at you.“

„Well, probably yes,“ I sighed.

„And whatever he would say you would interpret in the light of these expectations. You expected jab-taking and irony. If he had said just ‚hello‘ to you you still would have felt belittled.“

I stared at him in blank confusion.

„Don’t look at me like this,“ he laughed, „it is a common human perception. The world is full of stimuli and if they were equally important, we would not know what to pay attention to first. So we internally mark something as important through our expectations or preconceptions and then we pay attention primarily to this. Then we go and see it everywhere – even if it is not there at all. This is because we do not perceive things, just our interpretation of things.“

„But I still do not grasp it, Noro.“

„It’s pretty simple. Describe our kitchen from your memory.“

„Well…“ I closed my eyes. “Spatious, with light brown kitchen unit, lino floor, stove, fridge… and a table and chairs!“

„And that about the window ? Didn’t you notice?“

„How could you not notice something like this? Of course I noticed!“

„And what color is the windowsill?“

This time he got me. I did not know the answer.

„That’s because it is not important to you, “ Noro said. “You saw it every time you walked into the kitchen. If you saw the window, then you saw the windowsill. But your perception behaves as if there was no sill just because it is not interesting for you.“

„Why is it not interesting?“

„I suppose it is because the windowsill does not trigger any response within you. You have no emotion attached to it. If you had cut your palm on a windowsill as a child, now you would notice every one and examine whether it is smooth enough. Things we have formed some emotional ties to get noticed. The rest would only overwhelm us so we still see them, but they get recorded in the sucbconscious, not in our everyday consciousness. That’s why people under hypnosis remember things they are completely unaware of.“ He checked whether I was still following, and went on: „Everything that ends up in your consciousness is there because you have decided that it is somehow important to you. Which means you have made an interpretation of it. And so everything in your consciousness it is just an interpretation and you do not handle facts, only your own interpretations of facts.“

„I really don’t grasp it completely. Give me an example.“

„You have a record of bad experience with the CFO. You expect he would be bossing you around. If he ordered you into his office and asked you to do something you don’t understand, how would you feel?“

It started to dawn on me. “As being bullyragged,“ I admitted.

„Well, you get it… While in fact there may be some quite rational reason why he wants what he wants and he just omitted to explain it to you. But since your experience with him is that with bullyragging, you don’t event try to find out whether there is a rational reason at all; you just label it ‚bullyragging‘.“

I glanced thoughtfully at my empty soup plate. I did not even notice when I ate the soup… Again one of those selective perceptions! I said it to Noro. He smiled.

„Energy follows attention, Milka. What you put your attention to consumes all your energy. If you’re paying attention to the conversation, you do not have enough energy to notice you eat the soup. If all your attention is drawn to the fact that you’re summoned to a jerk just to be reprimanded again, you do not have the energy to notice all the other aspects of the situation.“

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