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„Since we are the living beings who give life to our beliefs in the first place, we must remember to shift our confidence away from our beliefs and back to ourselves.

Rather than having confidence in what we know, we have confidence in who we are. Instead of defending or debating a belief with all our might, we look and listen to what is going
on around us.

Questioning ourselves and being open to changing our minds about something does not mean that we must question the core of our being. With self-confidence, we can simply question our beliefs and the stories we’ve created to describe our being.

Today, become aware when you feel the need to defend a belief. Ask yourself:
Where did I learn this belief?
How is this belief affecting me?
Am I using this belief well?
Do I still need this belief?
Vow to release any belief that no longer serves you.“

-don Miguel Ruiz Jr.
Living a Life of Awareness: Daily Meditations on the Toltec Path

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