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Today’s exercise: Can you transfer all your attention to the present moment?

Too often we do things without really concentrating on them just because our attention is busy processing either past humiliations or analyzing possible future outcomes. Then we do not do our very best and probably some time in the future, we will find ourselves admitting that if we had paid more attention to out doings right now we would have less problems in our future…

Let’s learn to shift our attention to exactly what we are doing:

Take a cup of coffee or tea and drink it fully conscious, with attention focused on the here and now. Slowly , deliberately. Enjoy it. Right now your coffee/tea is the axis on which the whole Universe revolves. Register the taste, the smell, the warmth in your palms and the pleasant feeling in the mouth, throat and stomach … Do not rush toward the future.

If some thought arises, just take note of it and return your focus back on your cup of coffee/tea .

You are living in the here and now right now. Repeat this exercise daily on various occasions and retuning to the here and now will no longer be a difficult task for you. 🙂

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