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Suricata_suricatta_-_meerkat_-_suracte_-_Erdmännchen_04 (1)Drawing attention to what surrounds us and how we feel when we are experiencing it is an excellent source for finding out how we operate and how will our relationships work out as well.

The most prominent is my relationship with myself. By observing how I behave towards myself, what emotions drive my actions, words and thoughts I can take the first step to change myself and find peace and balance within.

This observation is based in total awareness of the present moment. It does not matter what we are doing right now – whether we eat, do the chores, relax, play, practice or work. Not being immersed in the present moment, meandering in our minds into past, future or a “what if…” scenario creates a hardly describable feeling of dissatisfaction. Thinking of one thing and being a different thing creates a gap inside and between me and other things and people as well. When we are observing ourselves and things as they are, without judging them, the gap narrows. Tying our attention back to our life brings along unity, a feeling of completeness and satisfaction.

The theory of directing one’s attention is quickly written and deceptively simple. However, it looks differently in practice.

Therefore, we shall add exercises for directing attention regularly. We shall use the forums to share experience with these exercises, which work the best and which are more difficult to handle. You are invited to contribute. The exercises will involve observing ourselves, observing the surroundings, observing our relationships. By observation we shall discover what a “perfect relationship” means exactly for us, how should such a relationship be and how it can be achieved. Our goal is not to change the others, our goal is to journey to ourselves, getting to know ourselves, finding out who we are, to become present in the moment and be in line with ourselves and our surroundings, be in peace and feel happy.

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